Meditations / May 18, 2016

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The Psalms are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. They address real emotion; raw, authentic human expression. Do we pray to God with the same freedom that we read in so many of the poems contained through the Psalms? As a part of my own journey and prayer life I wrote a personal Psalm and I found it to be a powerful way to express how I was feeling to God. I vulnerably invite you into my journey with God and pray that maybe this can be an encouragement to you to try it out too!

God, I’m looking for you, but I can’t find you anywhere
I’m searching for your face, but you’re nowhere to be seen

The pain feels worse than death
Although the pain is causing life

Your methods are often mysterious
My comfort with mystery must grow

Even in the nighttime I will still sing my song to you
in the darkness my voice will be heard

My praise for you will not depend on my circumstance
My devotion to your name is despite my experience

My ultimate good lies suspended above my momentary feeling
Your fire producing gold that will stand the test of time

Even in the middle of the dark night there is hope
After each sunset, the morning brings new light

All honor and glory be to the God who still sees me
and molds me into a signpost to declare His name


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