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The Commission | Pt 1: Go & Preach

And [Jesus] said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…
Mark 6:15

In this 4-part series I want to address what it means to embrace The Great Commission. Do we really even know what it is exactly? How we can get to a place of personal faith to practically live it out by dealing with our fears and things that have led us to unbelief. I want to “go there” with miracles and manifestations and really explore what it means to truly obey Jesus’ command to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

What does it mean to “go” and “preach”? Should we all pick a street corner and shout at people? No, (thank God).

Go is a verb; It’s an action word. It is to take a proactive position toward seeking out people who do not know Jesus. We don’t have to “go” more than 3 feet to find an opportunity. Preach is also an action word and it doesn’t necessarily mean to grab a mic and lead a crowd in a salvation prayer. It means to proclaim Jesus’ authority over satan and that he is the only way to God. This proclamation has two components: the telling and the showing.

“…proclaim Jesus’ authority over satan…”

The gospel, at it’s core, is the message that Jesus has the power to heal emotionally and physically, to deliver from the authority of satan and ultimately to give us salvation from death. This is an authority that exerts itself in the supernatural realm (over satan and his demons) and in the natural realm (over sickness and death). The truth of the claims of Jesus are dependent on the truth of the resurrection of Jesus. This is why every sermon in the New Testament has this one theme. A miracle so outrageous, that if it’s true, it requires a response.

Within the resurrection we find the power of God available to restore each one of us back to a position of wholeness. The ability to become our true self. The word for salvation in the Bible encompasses our entire being: body, soul, spirit. This is the gospel. God backs up his word with his power. It’s the only gospel God has asked us to proclaim.

“It’s the only gospel God has asked us to proclaim.”

The assignment belongs to all of us, no matter what our calling. We are meant to proclaim this message with our lives where ever we find ourselves, also known as our spheres of influence. Our commission is to displace the enemy with our Christ-given authority. This can not be done without practically overcoming satan’s authority with the authority of Christ. For example, a person I know was struggling with suicidal thoughts. They were constantly plagued with why and how they should kill themselves. Since this person was delivered from the oppression of the spirit of death they have not had one suicidal thought!

The gospel is so much more than the hope of heaven! It’s not complete without healing and deliverance. But what does that practically look like for you and me? I’m glad you asked. I’ll address this in part two: Miracles Are Not A Supplement.


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Apr 22, 2016

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Jun 17, 2016

You made some great points. We should live a supernatural life, naturally!

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