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Street Stories

For the last few weeks I’ve been leading a small group of people on weekly walks to pray for the sick, encourage strangers and prophesy over whoever we could find. Sometimes we did this in the format of a traditional “treasure hunt” (where you write down clues beforehand and literally go look for the people the Holy Spirit has given you) and other times through words of knowledge on the spot. There is nothing like the look in someone’s eyes that somehow blends hope, skepticism and wonder at the fact that God loves them and sees them… not the whole world, but them specifically.

Here’s a few stories from our adventures so far that hopefully encourage you to step out in faith! You never know what miracle could be on the other side of your boldness!

Trauma on Thomas Street
“We need to go to Thomas Street” someone in the group casually said. So we went to Thomas Street. I was looking for a person with a trauma injury who was hit on the left side of their body near the arm. As soon as we turned onto Thomas I saw a man walking with a cane who was clearly not in great physical shape. After talking to him for a little while we learned that he worked on Thomas Street and had left work minutes before. He told me that he had to walk with the cane because of a car accident over 30 years ago that messed up his back. I asked him if he was hit on the left side and he looked up and pointed to the exact part of the body I had previously written down. It turns out that a car had come out of nowhere hitting him on his left side as he was walking. We asked if we could pray for him and as we prayed his lower back clicked into place beneath my hand. After checking out his back he thanked us and said his pain was MUCH better and he couldn’t believe it but he had to go before he missed the bus!

Sinus Headaches in Plaid
As we were walking around Washington Sq Park a girl in the group complained for the third time, “I never get headaches, What is going on!” All the sudden we knew it was a word of knowledge. “It’s not your headache, we need to find out who God is trying to lead us to!” I asked for her to detail the headache she was feeling. It resembled a sinus headache with dull pain behind the eyes. Then the thought “plaid” ran through my mind. We instantly felt pulled to the other side of the park. As we were walking suddenly I was arrested in my spirit and couldn’t keep walking. I looked up and there stood a man in a green plaid top. He was in a group of musicians who come to play in the park whenever the weather is nice. We approached them and they asked if we wanted to hear some music. Of course we said yes! Our friend in the plaid was playing the shakers while another guy played a small drum and another on guitar. After they finished their song we introduced ourselves and I asked him if he had a headache to which he replied “No, but I always get headaches”. After confirming that they were always behind his eyes and caused by sinuses he agreed to let us pray. As I was praying for him I heard the word “tension”. I asked if he had tension in his body to which we replied that he has continual tension in both shoulders that doesn’t let his shoulders fully relax. I touched his shoulders and released the peace of Jesus Christ. His shoulders dropped immediately under my hands, after which he opened his eyes and says “What kind of power is this? You have some kind of power!” It turns out that he felt that the “higher power” had led him to the park that day when he was meant to be at a AA meeting. We took some time to explain to him that the “higher power” is God and that he was revealed through Jesus Christ, that this higher power could become personal through faith in Jesus. As we started to leave he told me he was going to start thinking about this “Jesus thing”.

“What kind of power is this?”

“Job Security”
I gave everyone in the group an assignment to write down on a piece of paper specific details about a person and what God was saying to that person. Everyone was meant to carry around the paper and sometime in the week God would show them who it was for. One of the girls wrote down: red leather jacket, God sees you, He wants you to know you have job security. A few days later she was sitting in a train station in New Jersey as a man in a red leather jacket hurries by. After slight hesitation she runs after him and gives him the paper. He lets her know that he’s had a really hard time lately and was debating whether to go to an interview the following day for a “security job”! Now he felt the confidence to go to the interview!

Pink Sweater and an Apron
Before going out we prayed as group for a list of clues of who we were looking for. One of the people was an african american girl in a pink sweater. As we were walking around that night I can confidently say I have never seen more people in pink pants… but no pink sweaters. We decided to call it a night and as we were walking back we decided to go into the grocery store really quick to warm up. We look to the left and there she was behind the register… an african american girl in a pink sweater with a white apron on (which was also on the list but we didn’t realize it was the same person). I think we bought gum or water or something just to go through the empty register line. We told her the story and asked if there was anything we could pray for. Her entire countenance changed as she told us about her mom and her need for breakthrough and a job. We prayed for her and left. As it turned out one of the girls still was holding on to her note from the “homework” assignment and it listed the girl in the pink sweater who needed breakthrough in a job situation. The girl who has written it down went back to the store a few weeks later to show her the note and it turned out to be the only other time she had worked since.

Navajo Print at the Movies
On my way to Union Square I asked to Holy Spirit who I was looking for and the list I wrote down was: Flat top, navajo print, beads, movie theater, anxiety. Then I saw a strange poster image in my mind of a women in front of what looked like a red heart. As we started walking the only clear location we had was the movie theater so we decided to head there first. As we walked around the corner I saw the movie poster that I had seen in my mind. It was for the new hunger games movie and was an image of Katniss in front of flames that looked similar to a heart. So we waited by this poster for a while. It may have been 30 minutes that we stood there. Luckily you don’t look like a creeper when you’re standing in front of a movie theater constantly scanning people as they approach… I think everyone was about to call this one a miss when all the sudden a couple walks out of the door next to the poster. She was wearing navajo print pants and he had a flat top hairstyle. I knew it was her. I quickly approached her and after talking for a minute I asked if she was feeling anxiety. She said she was and asked how I knew that, then she told me she had “chills all over”. I told her that God had sent us to pray for her and he wanted to free her from anxiety. I then asked if it was concerning a job and she said it was. We prayed over her and then prophesied over her about the job situation and how she would know the right option to pursue. After we prayed we said “seriously who are you, I was doing my tarot cards today and asked God to send me an angel or a messenger to tell me what to do about this job!” I told her we were just Christians and God sent us to find her on his behalf because he sees her. I didn’t mention church but she immediately asked if I went and if she could come with me, so we exchanged numbers.

“…I asked God to send me an angel or a messenger…”

There’s a Reason I Caught Your Eye
As we were walking by there was a man leaning on a glass wall smoking. He had long hair, a velvet blazer and boots… his look could best be described as a “spiritualist rocker”, if there is such a thing. I briefly caught his eye and I felt like I saw him in the same way that Jesus saw the people and had compassion on them. I kept walking for only a few steps and I had to go back. I grabbed one of my girls and approached him. I said “There’s a reason I caught your eye just now, is there anything you need?” To which he replied that he was fine…except that he was in chronic pain from an accident. He further explained that he had been in a work accident where he was almost crushed and it destroyed his lower back and all the muscles in that area from his hips all the way around. Everything was out of place and he only recently could start walking. To which I replied that it wasn’t a coincidence that God sent us to him because we were looking for people in need of physical healing. He agreed to let us pray for him and as we did I felt his back heat up under my hand and felt something tighten. I asked him to test out his back and he said that whatever pain he had just felt was gone now. He asked if he could hug me. We talked with him about Jesus and then said goodbye.


God sees people and reaches people through you and I. People matter to God. It can be so challenging to step out of our comfortable box and risk our own pride…because what if we’re wrong? But what if you’re right? Lost people are waiting for an encounter with God and God is waiting for you and me.


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